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Peter and Marilyn Carroll Biggins Family Tree

62% Irish Irish Flag    25% German German Flag    13% Swiss Swiss Flag

The tree below shows Peter and Marilyn Carroll Biggins and their ancestors: a total of five generations.
  • The five generations were roughly born in 1820, 1850, 1880, 1910, and 1940. This is as far back as our genealogical research goes, except that a 1790 generation is available for Peter's German ancestors. Information for the 1820 generation is incomplete. It has been possible to write histories for only 10 of the 16 families in the 1820 generation.
  • The 32 great great grandparents from the 1820 generation were all born in Europe, 20 are Irish, 8 are German, and 4 are Swiss. Peter and Marilyn's children, therefore, are 5/8ths Irish, 1/4th German, and 1/8th Swiss.
  • Emigration to the United States occurred from 1830 to 1880. They settled in Chicago, Illinois, and Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • The breadwinners in the five generations had 15 different occupations: carpenter, consultant, contractor, farmer, grocer, laborer, liquor dealer, manufacturer, musician, policeman, railway mail clerk, sales manager, saloon keeper, and undertaker.
  • Peter and Marilyn's ancestors lived an average of 69 years, ranging from 27 to 91 years. Rose Smith Drueke was 91 when she died. Her mother Christine Koch Smith was 27.
  • The five generations had on average 4 or 5 children, ranging between 1 to 10.
  • All the families in the five generations were Roman Catholic.
  • Through Y-chromosome DNA testing, the deep ancestry of four of the 16 great great grandfathers have been identified as descending from: Clan Colla, the Saxons of Old Saxony, Breassal Breac, and Niall of the Nine Hostages.
Immigrants in italics Patrick and Bridget Biggins Irish Flag Clan Colla
Philip and Sarah McNally Biggins
James and Bridget McNally Irish Flag
Leslie and Emily Foy Biggins
Dominick and Anne Walsh Foy Irish Flag
John and Mary Stanton Foy
William and Bridget O'Malley Stanton Irish Flag
John Alfred and Jane Drueke Biggins
Wilhelm and Bernardina Heller Drüeke German Flag Old Saxony
William Peter and Elizabeth Berles Drueke
Franz and Regina Green Berles German Flag
William and Rose Smith Drueke
John and Mary Augusta Schickell Schmitt German Flag
Cris J. and Christine Koch Smith
William and Theresa Fassnacht Koch German Flag
Peter and Marilyn Carroll Biggins
Thomas and Mary Carroll Carroll Irish Flag Breassal Breac
Edward and Catherine Higgins Carroll
John and Catherine Condon Higgins Irish Flag
David and Emma Starke Carroll
Unknown Starke Swiss Flag
George and Kathryn Meyers Starke
Petro and Maria Alleman Wittenmeier Swiss Flag
Edward and Henrietta Kenny Carroll
Unknown Kenny Irish Flag
James and Mary Hartigan Kenny
Unknown Hartigan Irish Flag
James and Charlotte McDonald Kenny
Daniel and Eliza Young McDonald Irish Flag Niall of the Nine Hostages
Daniel and Ellen Flannery McDonald
James and Mary Murray Flannery Irish Flag

Other Trees in PetersPioneers

In addition to the above trees, most family histories in PetersPioneers start with a mini-tree of ancestors and end with a list of descendants.

Other Family Trees

There are a number of family trees outside of PetersPioneers that have been helpful in constructing the family trees in PetersPioneers.

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